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Author Interview: Hailey Hudson and The Hardworking Creative | Olivia J

"You fail only if you stop writing," -Ray Bradbury

Welcome to my first author interview! This interview is with the wonderful Hailey Hudson, author of Hope Is a Thing With Feathers.

Olivia: Hey, Hailey! Why don’t you introduce yourself . . . but not how you normally would. Give us something juicy, something weird, something scandalous.

Hailey: I've ridden standing up in a Jeep through the Andes mountains, my car is named Dobby after everyone's favorite house-elf from Harry Potter, and one summer I accidentally ripped my big toenail off and walked around with no toenail the whole summer. Is that scandalous enough?

O: How did you start writing? Was it a particular book, or did you have a natural affinity to tell stories?

H: I grew up reading lots of amazing books, and they all kind of came together until there was never a time I didn't have a story in my head. The first story I remember writing was when I was four, and things just kind of escalated from there.

O: Why do you write? Do you write for yourself, or for someone else?

H: I write for myself because I don't think I could live without writing. I'm kind of private about my fiction writing, actually; it was a little disconcerting last year when I had a book published, because my story wasn't mine anymore.

O: Let’s get into some meatier stuff. I hear you’re starting a website called The Hardworking Creative. Tell us a little more about that, as well as your inspiration behind the project.

H: This website is a place for anyone who's bursting with a dream. I know a lot of young people who are very creative and talented, and they have big dreams--but they aren't actually doing anything to get them where they want to be. Hard work is very important to me, so I wanted to combine two important aspects of what makes me me (creativity and hard work) and share it with my fellow hardworking creatives.

O: That’s so cool! So, it will be kind of like a resource/inspiration website? Will The Hardworking Creative have a presence on social media?

H: Yep! THC will offer not only the inspiration to kick-start creative projects, but also the resources young creatives need to actually see the projects to completion. And yes--THC can be found on all social media platforms.

O: What inspired you to start up this website?

H: There's really a tangible void in my life right now of people to create with. I desperately desire people with whom I can undertake creative projects, but there just... isn't really anyone. So I decided to create a place for them and hope that they will come. The soundtrack of The Greatest Showman also had a huge deal to do with this website.

O: That’s so . . . inspiring! Will this website be for just writers, or for other types of artists as well?

H: This website is for absolutely anyone who does something creative. If you sew, play the violin, paint pictures--as long as it requires creativity, you're welcome at THC.

O: Thanks for being with us, Hailey. Check out her links below! But before you go, share with us your favorite quote and why!

H: Thanks for having me, Olivia! My favorite quote is by Ray Bradbury:

"If you want to write, if you want to create, you must be the most sublime fool that God ever turned out and sent rambling. You must write every single day of your life. You must read dreadful dumb books and glorious books, and let them wrestle in beautiful fights inside your head, vulgar one moment, brilliant the next. You must lurk in libraries and climb the stacks like ladders to sniff books like perfumes and wear books like hats upon your crazy heads... Which finally means, may you be in love every day for the next 20,000 days. And out of that love, remake a world."

O: Wow, I absolutely love that quote. I might change it to be my favorite writing quote! Well, thanks again for being here with us! Hailey's social media links are below!

Instagram: @haileyh412
Twitter: @haileyh412
Facebook: Author Page

I hope you guys enjoyed this author interview. If you'd like to be interviewed by me, just shoot me an email at

~The WordShaker

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